Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Allen & Helen Jordan
Tod Solondz's great movie Happiness is the ultimate 'couples' movie, in the sense of the oddness that can manifest itself. Here are some other odd/happy couples, all of whom are probably more 'normal' than the cast of the above
Barbie & Snoopy
Superman & Spider-Woman
Charlie Brooker & Aisleyne
Roger & Jessica
Harold & Maude
Frankenstein's Monster & Mermaid
Jesse James & Frankenstein's daughter

Marge & The Monster from outer Space
Lisa & Gary
Fred & Lailari

Rampling & Max

You don't have to be famous either...
Erika LaTour Eiffel  & The Eiffel Tower
Eija Ritta Berliner Mauer & The Berlin Wall
Edward Smith & Vanilla his Volkswagen Beetle
Davecat & Sidore
guys & dolls
They never thought they would seem so ordinary

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