Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Tom Selleck- Indiana Jones
Many an actor/actress has tried and failed to get, been considered or turned down for a role of a lifetime. Their loss being someone else's ticket to a synonymous role. Here are some 'what might have beens'.
Frank Sinatra-Dirty Harry

Lance Henrickson-the Terminator.
Robert DeNiro- Sony Corleone

Sylvester Stallone-John McClaine
Robert Redford-Superman

Mickey Rourke-Axel Foley
John Travolta-Forest Gump

Russell Crowe-Wolverine
Mel Gibson-Gladiator
Tom Hanks-Jerry Maguire

Cary Grant-James Bond

Warren Beatty-Gordon Gecko
Steve McQueen-the Sundance kid
Rod Steiger-Patton
Lee Marvin-Captain Quint
Michelle Pfeiffer -Clarice Starling

Melanie Griffith & Jodie Foster-Thelma & Louise
Julia Roberts-Mary Corleone
Ellen Barkin-Catherine Tramell

Gwyneth Paltrow-Rose Dawson
Ellie Wood-Walker-Wonder woman

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