Monday, 6 June 2011


In the country
Stewart Lee’s comedy vehicle is back on BBC2 for a second series and it is an absolute joy. Lee’s delivery and material is taking comedy to that place where the likes of Hicks and Pryor took us. The influence of Armando Iannucci and Chris Morris is there in the surreal elements and the head to heads between Lee and Iannucci are barbed with ferocious wit.
He has spoken of his Grandfather's obsession with Crisps, Russel Howard's charity work, Toby Jugs full of steaming hot urine and other off the wall issues.
The waty he interacts with his crowd and by turns with the TV audience is a great example of juggling the reality of performance.
Above all he's funny; very funny. This series opf Comedy vehicle has a dark edge and with the end 'sketch' of each show takes matters beyond the joke.
This is a show that anyone tired of the mundane performances by the Russel's and other stdium comedians should check out. Intelligent comedy, well made, well delivered and with a punch.
Charity-5:16 ***

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