Thursday, 9 June 2011


trailer overview
Call of duty has become a phenomenon in gaming, a game that has a substantial following. Voiced by character actors with a compelling storyline, immersive action and splendid graphics it is an intense experience. The newest version; Modern Warfare 3 takes us round the world to Paris, New York and London Town  in terrific detail. Call of Duty: Black Opps was THE game of the last decade and MW3 will probably eclipse it in global sales. It has a controversy attached which, based on past experience, propels sales. The Call of Duty Franchise is effective because it is simply the best game of it's type. It delivers to the player on every level. The reality is that COD has more intelligence than the majority of Hollywood blockbusters and the morality of killing aside, has a repeat factor that the blockbuster doesn't. Most Hollywood output is quickly forgotten once viewed, call of Duty strays with you and makes you go back for more. 
London Trailer
Screenshot of Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 (Credit: youtube)

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