Tuesday, 7 June 2011


The holy trinity; Mattress, Duvet, Pillow. In other words bed. I love bed, more to the point I love MY bed. I could literally spend all day in bed. If it’s raining there’s no place like it; snuggled up, warm and horizontal away from the outside world and its problems. Funny thing is that as much as I like bed I find it hard to go up the stairs to Bedfordshire at a reasonable hour. In an ideal world I would like to go to my scratcher at 10.00 but always seem to forge past the midnight hour before I’m tucked up. Getting out of it come the morning is hard, very hard. ‘Just five more minute’s is my internal dialogue. The winter months are the worst; I am sure I have S.A.D.S. therefore the combination of dark and cold just makes me want to burrow, mole like, deeper into the heart of the bed. Some despair of the lazy, but I’m not lazy, that’s the thing; I just love my bed. With an iPhone it’s even easier to while away some time as the outside world comes to you. You can blog in bed, read stuff, find stuff and generally interact with the earth safe and sound.
A good book and bed, now there’s a great invention. Of course a good woman and bed is right up there at the top of inventions, but I digress. Lying in bed is fantastic and when you go away to a hotel or stay with a friend you really appreciate your own pit of calm. Doesn’t matter how grand the Hotel, how opulent the setting there is nothing like your own bed.
The characters that spring to mind when I think of beds per se are The Bucket Grand parents in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. They come to mind as I think they are missing out; they spend all their time IN bed , the poor Schmucks  never get the pleasure of GOING to and GETTING IN TO bed.

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