Tuesday, 10 May 2011


 Accidents Will happen
Senior Service
Oliver's Army
Big Boys
Green Shirt
Party Girl

Goon squad
Busy Bodies
Sunday's Best
Moods for moderns
Chemistry Class
Two Little Hitlers
accidents will happen

"Oh I just don't know where to begin..." Sang Elvis Costello on Accidents will happen; the opening track of Armed Forces. It's a superlative 1979 album from an artist and his band finding top form in the pop world. Recorded over two months in 1978 it's lyrically excellent with satire and pathos amongst the pop nuggets. Musically fresh and invigorating. This album was a taste of the variety that Elvis would produce through out his career. Following on from the raw My aim is true and the polished This year's model, Armed Forces sees Elvis reach a level of songwriting skill that saw the popularity of himself and the Attractions reach acclaim from Old Grey Whistle Test audiences and Top Of the pops fans alike.
A great album to listen to in bits and pieces as well as a satisfying whole.
I leave you with the resplendent closer of side one, Party Girl:
Party Girl

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