Monday, 16 May 2011

Hypocritical Hippies

The modern hippy; is there a more hypocritical and misguided species?
Ever since the dawn of intellect man has looked for meaning in their short spell on the planet. Religion, belief systems, political faith ‘isms’ all have been used to give a feeling of purpose. Yes we are more than animals therefore higher ambition should exist.
Eco Warrior 1
The modern Hippy looks for enlightenment by rejecting the status quo; rejecting with caveats though.
Eco Warrior 2
I have plenty of respect for the woman I saw on BBC 3 who lived in a hut in the forest and made zero demands on the welfare system, rich parents or the amorphous system. The issue for me is that the modern hippy get’s bamboozled by the drip-drip of anti establishment pie in the sky.
Yurts, WOOFing, Chi tea, tree hugging, Whittling, Camping, Veganism and meditation are a replacement for facing up to reality when they are only used for effect. It’s remarkable how contradictory some of these characters are.
Eco warrior 3
Rejection of the so called ‘normal’ society, but using the welfare system. Yet they preach about the average working person (who is paying for their dole money) as being corporate drones.
Rejection of consumerism, but buying lovely new iMacs and iPhones thus contributing to land fill and non degradable production, as well as the construction of radio masts and more bits of metal floating in space. Yet they lecture those of us who like to buy ‘stuff’ as being uncaring.
The pot smoking culture is pervasive, but it feeds into the illegal drug industry that causes misery, crime, prostitution and extreme poverty. Yet they will bang on about those that drink a can of Coke as being rapists of morality.
The clapped out cars and campervans they drive around in (often bought by their middle class parents) pollute the atmosphere just as much if not more than those who buy new cars. Yet they drone on about the environment.
They fly to Ibiza and Goa on a regular basis to find themselves, yet overlook the carbon footprint and exploitation of the locals.
The bell tents state of the art camping equipment, snowboards, skis and other sundries are bought by those that supposedly hate those of us who buy the evil brands of the global economy.
And when things go pear shaped you won’t find them sleeping rough down by the Embankment, no, they will go home to mum and dad and benefit from free electricity, free gas, free broadband, free SKY TV, free use of the family washing machine, free heating, no community charge, no food bills and they can conveniently forget to pay their nominal rent. They can also get a ‘job’ sorting out their parent’s garden over the summer.
Eco Warrior 4
But even when at home benefitting from their loving parent/s they will pontificate, like hormonal teenagers about how ‘at one’ and righteous they are.
Of course the original West coast hippies who enjoyed the summer of love, free love and draft dodging, became business men and capitalists; reality set in. Selling their alternative wares to the highest bidder. Those that didn’t may have gone to live in a tree somewhere and for that I give my respect. If you choose to reject society and invest in nature then do it and you can rest easy that your conscience is clear in your alternative life style choice.
Eco Warrior 5
Those that only talk the talk, but live with the safety net firmly in place are the worst of all; they are hypocrites, and hypocrisy is one of the most toxic of the human conditions. Hypocritical Hippies; gawd help us!


  1. Wow! Having recently had a very upsetting encounter with an old hippie friend from the 60's who seems to fit into every catagory in your post (plus smiling and then stabbing me in the back the moment I looked the other way) specially the hypocritical one, this really struck the right note for me. Well, spoken sir!


  2. Great mission man. Them hippies are a threat to society. Keep up the good work. I'm sure you're not a hypocrit, but a great and valuable citizen!

  3. yea u forgot the catagory of 'free spriri' who may fit in with all those other ocatagories, for the main reason that they have their own set of beliefs or free will. You catagorize much in black and white as does society, making it fustrating that there are such 'rules'. it is also fustrating that there are such over analist who get off on eacothes analysis, "is he a hipster or not?" maybe they are themselves, who they wanted to be as chlirden and live they way that nakes them fully happy in this world, not how everyone aorund them is curretly living at the time. if the beleif of living and loving is so cliche for you, then you should continue writing post on how other poeple live wrongfully. I sound so absent minded yet i type here on the computee, should i give up wirting or online blackjack, because the overage hippie deos not use electricity? i dont need to conform with a social gorup as you may feel the need to, so i live free and due as i want. ive traveled this country in ways that you would never find imaginable,and waited weeks til showers, oh no! and yet i live here at my moms until i feel cofortable to be on my own. am i coward? no, i use the resources i was given on earth to its full potential, for you don't know when they'll be there again. oh and i abosutely love surfing. thanks for giving me the optionom of expression on you post. if it werent for your words of social charcterism feedback i wouldnt have the awesome rock i'm listening today!! so conintue to judge! try not to be so conventional and be you. nameste:)

  4. Perhaps use of a spellcheck is deemed too conformist


having said that;