Saturday, 21 May 2011


The Nadir of the ITV Sit-com

Ah the ITV sitcom; much more needy than its BBC counterpart. The writing, acting, set up, production of the classic ITV sitcom is as poor as anything ever delivered at prime time. They missed the single most important thing that a Sit-com needs to be; Funny!
The Situation part of these shows were generally contrived and un interesting; Buses, Milk men, dustbin men, Genies, chauffeurs, single mums (!) Cockneys, gypsies and robots.
I'm not even mentioning the obvious suspects; Mind your Language, Curry and chips, Love Thy Neighbour etc the airwaves were awash with this bilge in the seventies and eighties. Those remembered as being 'quite good' were very poor efforts also; Please Sir, Robins Nest, Man about the House, Father dear father, George and Mildred et al

Terrible concepts turned into terrible unfunny shows. The single exception to the rule was Rising Damp, this show managed to rise above the dross of it's peers and the compliment I would pay it is that it was good enough to be on BBC.
When I have more time I will go into more depth (depth being the operative word)

Rising Damp

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