Thursday, 19 May 2011


So, what about people that walk their cats? I saw a woman with one of those lovely white cats with different colour eyes, on a mini extendable lead; she was walking her cat! This in an area where the majority of residents have a selection of aggressive and brutish dogs in tow. I imagined a scenario wherein a thuggish Keyser/Tyson/Moaty would appear out of nowhere and snatch up the hapless feline in its brutish maw. The owner of the purloined pussy would in effect have a ‘Staffy’ on a mini lead connected to its gob.

Its madness I tell you! The cat, by natural inclination wants to wander about doing it’s own thing. To put one on a lead is not only ridiculous looking, but is unnatural if you ask me. Let the Pussy cat play at its own risk. Our Feline friends look ridiculous at the end of a bit of string.

This woman was more like an angler with baited hook. In this case the cat was the worm and the dogs the pikes.  

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