Friday, 29 April 2011


On the delights of pure pop this 2000 comeback single from Kylie Minogue is noted for that video and those hot pants, but it is a perfectly constructed pop song. No more no less. Forget the irony, the campness the pretension at iconography. In pop terms this song delivers; that's all you need. In and of it's time the pop single is a staple.
Regular readers of this blog may find this a controversial choice, given that I have little time for the modern day sterile music scene, but occasionally in pop music they get it right.
Kylie Minogue-spinning around

...yes pop music

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  1. Not controversial at all. As a longtime believer in "pure pop" - nothing wrong with a bit of popcorn for the ears (and in the case of Kylie for the eyes as well) if you realise what it is. I actually think The Archies "Sugar Sugar" was a perfect, catchy pop song. A really good pop song needs do nothing more than keep you entertained for three minutes.


having said that;