Wednesday, 27 April 2011


ABBA another group swamped in the sea of irony and knowingness by unappreciative philistines. They were great and wrote hit after hit The name of the game is a composition that has the whole package of ABBisms and is a fabulous example of the group at their hit writing peak.
It's hard to single out a favourite of theirs but this comes as close to being mine. The thing about ABBA was the ability to condense an idea and an arrangement into a three minute hit. Musically on the money and with distinctive vocals from Agnetha and Anni-Frid. In 1977 it was a song that was everywhere along with it's predecessor Knowing me knowing you. ABBA, when reheard away from the white suits and the dodgy musicals produced some superb pop music for a decade and should never be dismissed or filed away in the kitsch drawer.
Like their final song said; Thank you for the music.
Lasse Hallstrom's literal interpretation
as seen on TOTP

Abba were never allowed to be sampled before the film When we were kings at which point the title track by the Fugees used the Name of name game in a creative way. Not for the purists, but it's noticeable that it took an association with Ali for ABBA to allow use of one of their classics.
Rumble in the jungle

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