Saturday, 23 April 2011

MY HIT LIST # 63 Buffalo 66

Vincent Gallo splits opinion but is definitely a talent, one who is a risk taker. In Buffalo 66 we see the mundanes of an extreme situation with a central character on a collision course with parental expectation (or lack of). From Badlands style attraction and chaotic opportunism. It is a movie of naturalism and absurdity, of mania and unwitting humour. Gallo is a ‘balls out’ performer and in Cristina Ricci he has a perfect foil.
The old Cassavette’s gang member Ben Gazzara and Anjelica Houston are excellent as the grotesque parents and there are other actor’s actors present in Mickey Rourke and Kevin Pollack. Rosanna Arquette and Jan Michael Vincent round of the cast in Gallo’s debut as writer star and director, along with music duties.
reviewed by Siskel & Ebert
There need to be more films where the creative mind just goes for it and has a fearlessness to go along with the talent. Hit or miss but having the guts to do it.

Is it an iconoclastic master class or smoke and mirrors? It’s free form structure and method point to the first. I’m not sure but it’s a film I admire.
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