Saturday, 2 April 2011


tee hee etc
The new boss arrives. Happy and full of big smiles and bounciness. Oh yeah, so much better than the last one. It's good this; having the happy Caterpillar come to work with us. Easy does it. Moving from leaf to corporate leaf nibbling gently.
"a human skull with blankly starring eyes"
The new boss has eaten enough 'benefit of the doubt' foliage. Slept and transmogrified. Awoken is the Death's Head Moth. But we all got a little bit fooled. We all gave a little bit of positivity, a touch of faith and a smidgen of trust. We all should have learnt by now. Don't count chickens, put eggs in baskets or  believe in miracles.
Here we are stuck with the fluttering star of Silence of the Lambs.
When will we ever learn? Don't get fooled again!
we don't get fooled again

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