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Mickey Rourke, Denzel Washington and Forest Whittaker take on the IRA the British Army, London and British accents in these three films trying to address some issues in a rather cack handed fashion. Curiosity value in all three. It's hard to think of these actors in these roles but presumably they were flown over in order to finance the films. The Crying Game received the most acclaim (though for the life of me I can't see why). They all have turns
from American actors doing a british with various success but show that sometimes in order to tell a story with deeper underlying themes you need a lot less as opposed to a lot more. These films were products of their times and show Hollywood dipping it's toe into troubled waters.

Web site Synopsis

For Queen & Country(1989): A British paratrooper, honorably discharged after nine years of service, returns to his South London home and a world of racism, poverty and crime - and the realization that the country he served no longer wants him as a citizen
A prayer for the Dying (1987):Martin Fallon is an IRA bomber who tries to blow up a troop truck but instead kills a bus load of school children. He loses heart and quits the movement and goes to London trying to leave the U.K. and start a new life. The IRA wants him back (he knows too much) and the local crime boss, Meehan, will only help him if he performs one last hit, on a rival crime boss. When Fallon does perform the hit, he is seen by a catholic priest. He refuses to kill an innocent again and must find a way to escape the police without killing the priest who can identify him
The Crying Game (1992): An unlikely kind of friendship develops between Fergus, an Irish Republican Army volunteer, and Jody, a kidnapped British soldier lured into an IRA trap by Jude, another IRA member. When the hostage-taking ends up going horribly wrong, Fergus escapes and heads to London, where he seeks out Jody's lover, a hairdresser named Dil. Fergus adopts the name "Jimmy" and gets a job as a day laborer. He also starts seeing Dil, who knows nothing about Fergus' IRA background. But there are some things about Dil that Fergus doesn't know, either.

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