Friday, 4 March 2011


Red Nose day is nearly upon us. Another year another bunch of self serving media whores trying to bring the world’s attention to global tragedy through the medium of comedy; how very worthy.
There is no need for a ballyhoo or song and dance when it comes to doing something good for a fellow human being. To quote Nike; “just do it”.
That’s where my problem lies with Red nose day. It’s a chance for minor celebrities to get their faces on TV for one night only, in order to increase their market value. It also allow those established media darlings to show their sharing and caring side by being flown first class to Mozambique, shooting a teary eyed and patronising piece to cameras, surrounded by brown children, then retiring to a luxury hotel before getting the f*ck out of dodge.
One can only imagine the Agents feeding frenzy to book their act onto the BBC squirmathon; like the USS Indianapolis all over again.
I know people who help others and have been doing so for many years, as have I. They don’t make a fuss they just get on with it.Bleeding hearts i can do without
If the red nose wretches want to give, then by all means let them, but not as a cynical career move.
I've got to save some Africans

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