Saturday, 19 March 2011


Lt Gay Ellis aka Gabrielle Drake

Of course as a kid me and my mates fancied the Angels; Harmonie, Fantasie, Rhapsodie,Melonie and Symphonie. Who wouldn't? in Captain Scarlet each week the girls in their white jumpsuits and flash jets would fly the skies protecting our planet. Trouble was that they were puppets. Yes puppets. Fortunately Gerry Anderson took the bull by the horns and launched UFO his live action masterpiece.
This time there were real women. Sexy powerful and space age. Purple hair, wow! more jumpsuits,cor! futuristic vehicles to be manned, Hurrah!Secretaries and soldiers,Blimey!
This was more like it. UFO was wall to wall babes. Or so we thought. As kids the understanding of attraction is a bit abstract. So we saw UFO as a stepping stone to riskier stuff , like the older kids showing you a page out of Mayfair or Men Only.
But every now and again I find myself thinking about those space age sirens, and those innocent days of science fiction, adventure and pretty women. What a combination.

My favourite was Colonel Virginia Lake played by the lovely Wanda Ventham.
even the credits were 'at it'

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