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Eddie sees himself as a criminal mastermind; somewhere between genial Harry Grout of Porridge and Noel Coward in the Italian job. His wife Dolly is a shop lifter and his daughter Norma dosses around sponging of her good for nothing Brother Ginger.

The cast consists of alumni from other popular British comedy fare.  Peter Jones star of Ealing movies, Prunella Scales whose portrayal of Cybil Fawlty is legendary, Ian Lavender from Dad’s Army and, Carol Hawkins from Please Sir.

It ran for three years and felt like it was connected to Porridge; don’t really know why but it did. Eddie spent each week bungling his ill conceived plans for the big job. His family generally adding to his own ineptitude.

It pre dated the wheeler dealing of Only Fools and horses and the inept Ginger was a pre Rodney Trotter/Frank Spencer amalgam.

The show is nowhere to be found and has never been repeated therefore it’s hard to have a fresh take by re viewing. However it’s available on this link

I remember it as a funny and comic/tragic show with a good cast and tidy storytelling. A show that, given time to grow could have been a contender

Heres the episodes

The Big Job (21 May 74)
Series 1
The Bank Job (7 Jan 77)
Three Nights at the Palace (14 Jan 77)
Going Straight (21 Jan 77)
The Hit Man (28 Jan 77)
The Gravy Train (4 Feb 77)
The Ashes (11 Feb 77)

Series 2
The Prune Case (23 Jun 77)
Burgle My Neighbour (30 Jun 77)
The Sheiks (7 Jul 77)
The Great Betting Shop Swindle (14 Jul 77)
Easy Money (21 Jul 77)
The Squatters (28 Jul 77)
Vote for Roxburgh (4 Aug 77)

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