Wednesday, 9 February 2011


In the current era of generic and aggressive Hip Hop it is refreshing to hear this record from 1991 (yes it’s been twenty years!). Can I kick it by a Tribe called Quest is a great example of the joy that was once associated with the Genre and the creativity not to mention the un-polished vigour. It contains some of the most creative use of samples ever:

Walk on the wild side-Lou Reed
What a waste-Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Dance of the nights-Prokofiev
Spinning wheel-Lonnie Liston Smith

The group themselves were musically sophisticated and eclectic in their choices of influence and themes. Far from the cynical paint by numbers Hip Hop that is the face of the modern product. A Tribe called Quest and De La Soul summed up a more thoughtful and uplifting side to Hip Hop. Can I kick it was a huge hit and makes one smile on hearing it again.
Can I?

It was also used to good effect in a Nike advert featuring Ian Wright playing at beloved Highbury

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