Friday, 18 February 2011

Curiosity Corner :pop star movies star

Pop stars are prone to getting involved in cinematic shenanigans. Some do okay, but by and large most films they turn their hands to are mediocre at best and unfortunately for their egos their performances range from the awful to the excruciating. Here's a list of ten examples of concept over content and acting that's over the top as opposed to under the radar.

Roger Daltrey in a mental biopic
Sting throws the switches
conceptual chaos 
everyone in it is terrible 
Hazel O'Connor scenery chewing

farcical interludes of 'acting'

David Bowie what were you thinking
jumping Jack trash
Eighties pap stars Debbie Gibson and Tiffany team up in a movie so bad it's good
Truly unutterably awful

Seeing is believing:
Sgt Pepper

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  1. The trailer for SGT.PEPPER was truly embarassing. All your examples seem to be totally misconceived. I have some affection for the early British attempts to put pop stars into movies in films like SERIOUS CHARGE, MIX ME A PERSON and THE BOYS - not great but they seemed to be genuinely trying. Cliff's musicals did exactly what it said on the tin. America seemed to do a bit better with the early Elvis vehicles (although the later ones were pretty awful) and C/W stars like Cash and Kristofferson have turned in creditable turns.
    A good post that has set my mind ticking.


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