Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Billy Howard-King of the Cops TOTP January 1976

The seventies British pop scene was full of novelty records; one hit wonders who produced records that were toe curlingly inane. Billy Howard's King of the Cops is right at the top of this extinguished pile. Cashing in on the popularity of the various American cop shows, McCloud,Columbo, Hawaii 5-0, Cannon, Ironside and Kojak that were ubiquitous on British TV screens at time, it features some of the most inaccurate 'hilarious' impressions you will ever encounter. I find it hard too believe that anyone bought this drivel, but they clearly did as it reached number 4 in the British charts and stayed in them for 14 weeks. The whole sorry business reminds me of an act that you would see on Phoenix nights.
Man of a thousand faces Billy Howard

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