Sunday, 20 February 2011


You know how some people have a crazy idea? well this lot took their ideas and came up with these rackets! I'm not talking concept albums I'm talking records made in a moment of ego and pretension and It's not just prog rock that have had these vinyl rushes to the head either...
Lou Reed-Metal Machine Music-what the!

Yes-Tales from Topographic oceans-ok stop with the drugs already

Picture Courtesy -link to site.

Emerson Lake & Palmer-Brain Salad Surgery-on and on and on...

Sham 69-That's life-That's tripe
Robbie Williams-Rudebox-oops Justin Timberlake 
beat you to it
Pete Townshend-Psychoderelict-oookay that explains it

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  1. You used the Brain Salad Surgery image taken from my website . Basicly no problem but it would be great to show a link to my site.

    cheers, Lothar


having said that;