Friday, 11 February 2011

A code to govern the making of motion and talking pictures

1932 Joan Blondell publicity shot-pre Hays OK, post Hays- banned

Following Hollywood’s age of over indulgence in the twenties with it’s scandals, drugs, promiscuity sex and violence a code was imposed on the movie world, known as the Hays code after William H Hays this code was in existence from 1930-1968. With the code the unbridled passions of the cinema changed forever. Saying that, it also allowed for directors and producers to work their way around the code in some very creative ways resulting in some great movies.

some suggestions from the code!

a brief history of the code

Enemy of Hays. The Public Enemy and all gangster movies
another slant
 This famous poster summarises the main points of the code.
The Hays code-Thou shalt not
Law Defeated
Inside of Thigh
Lace lingerie
Dead man
Exposed Bosom
Pointing gun
Tommy Gun
The debate on censorship continues, but it's quite something to think that the Twentieth Century's greatest art form was subject to a stringent enforcement for a third of it's life.

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