Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Those infernal wasps again

The café for a coffee. The corner shop for a pint of milk, the post office for a stamp, the hardware shop for a plug everywhere I go my ears are besieged by the buzzing of wasps!

Buuuuuuzzzzzzz Buuuuuzzzzz Buuuuuzzzzz

The insipid generic electronic bass line, the Na Na  Na, Hey nonny no, the bibbidy bobbidy boo lyrics the unstructured excuse for a song delivered with a high pitched vocal style that is as tuneful as a hive (nest?) of wasps. The modern pop music world is full of music that is produced to be heard on tinny mobile phone speakers, low quality PC speakers and cheap headphones. It’s like aerosol cheese going up against a full bodied double Gloucester. A pint of watered down Carling up against a bottle of Heineken.

When will it end.

Oh my god please stop!

Buuuuuuzzzzzzz Buuuuuzzzzz Buuuuuzzzzz
two iritants in one
Buuuuuuzzzzzzz Buuuuuzzzzz Buuuuuzzzzz

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