Saturday, 29 January 2011

Oi Fat Bloke!

Britain's fattest man-Channel 4
Channel 4s documentary on this mound of flesh covered ground seen on other documentaries, generally set in America. The difference is that the USA behemoths generally have some positivity about their predicaments and are willing to risk their lives to undergo demolishing of walls, Chinook helicopter lifts and massively invasive surgery. Surprising given the proceeding years’ obvious lack of self control.

Mason had a lack of , for want of a better word, guts (ironically) as he whined and whinged his way through the programme. It was all the fault of others,  he couldn’t successfully meet the recovery targets of standing, taking a step or anything that required some courage. His surgery was costly, complex and involved all manner of alterations, arrangements and inconveniences. I don’t recall a ‘thank you’ from him through out the programme.

Mason, when talking about how he got to the state he was now in said of his daily intake

“I would have a Fry up every morning, four sausages, a whole packet of bacon, four eggs, two pieces of fried bread, hash browns," he said.
"At half Ten I'd have sausage rolls, pastries. Lunch would be fish and chips, kebab, and then in the evening time it would be another takeaway.
"In a day I would eat 30-40 chocolate bars, three-four multipacks of 24 crisps."

Food was clearly his friend, as his sisters had abandoned him and the only people who seemed to care about him where his carer (paid to do so) and some bloke from the Salvation Army who obviously realised he had a captive audience for his Bible classes.

Yes the estimated £100,00 a year this glutton is costing the tax payer is an issue, but more of a concern to me was the complete lack of responsibility shown by Mason. And the utter lack of gumption was both irritating and frustrating.

Mason, with fake tears and phoney emotion had got himself into this mess and I frankly couldn’t care less if he got out of it.  
link to the documentary

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