Friday, 28 January 2011

MY HIT LIST # 55 Greta Garbo by Clarence Sinclair Bull

Greta Garbo, the Swedish superstar of Hollywood's golden era, captured by Clarence Sinclair Bull. Some of the most beautiful photos from the Hollywood publicity machine. Transcending commerce and becoming art. Garbo was the queen of the silent era and went on to conquer talkies before retiring from the limelight. Thus her enigma was maintained.

* Her instinct, her mastery over the machine, was pure witchcraft. I cannot analyze this woman's acting. I only know that no one else so effectively worked in front of a camera.
      o Bette Davis, in The Lonely Life : An Autobiography‎ (1962), p. 116
Queen Cristina

a rare colour shot
Clarence Sinclair Bull photographed all the Hollywood greats during the golden age, but his affinity with Garbo resulted in some of the greatest photographs of this golden age. He managed to capture Garbo's magic. There has probably never been such a magnetic female movie star in the history of Hollywood and in front of the lens she was incredible playing a part or just being herself.
Garbo montage-this is the magic

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