Saturday, 15 January 2011


Fincher Singer & Nolan sound like a firm of solicitors however they are three directors who arrived on the scene at the same time and set the standard for new mainstream cinema.

All arrived on the banal nineties movie landscape making their mark with movies that were both complex and accessible. All three directors have gone on to show a depth to their talents. Quality in the mainstream is a hard nut to crack but these three bring that quality. Some failures along the way, but a reminder of the power of a good director in most of their work. I certainly look out for their new offerings more so than any of the younger mainstream helmsmen.

Extremely original material, remakes of European movies, Comic books, Cult books, Stephen King all taken on and handled with panache.

David Fincher
The breakthrough-Se7en

The under rated-The Game

The undervalued-Panic Room

The Hit-Fight Club
Bryan Singer
The breakthrough-The Usual suspects

The under rated-Valkyrie

The undervalued-Apt Pupil

The Hit-X Men

Christopher Nolan
The breakthrough-Memento

The under rated-Insomnia

The undervalued-The Prestige

The Hit-The Dark Knight

The trailers have multiplex all over them but there's much more once you're in the cinema
The Game
Apt Pupil

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