Friday, 14 January 2011

Despatches Hopelessly lost

I will never, repeat, never order any item from a company that uses *** as it's courier. This organisation seems to have a philosophy of Deliberately Hindering Life. I would advise that if you, dear reader, ever order anything make sure you find out who is given the responsibility for getting your package to you. If the organisation charged with this relatively easy task Disregards Higher Logic in its delivery schedule ie: a delivery time of 8.00am-9.00pm, beware!

So wait I did; thirteen  Desperate Hours Later, no delivery, no phone call no NOTHING!

So I wrote:

I have just waited at home for 13 hours based on being told that *** were delivering my item. Their ridiculous delivery schedule being between 8.00am-9.00pm. 
I have received no phone call to suggest there was a problem. I can state that no 'attempt' to deliver was made as I have sat waiting( having booked a day off work) all day and most of the evening
This situation is completely unacceptable. On the back of the other miss-information from ******** this item has still not been delivered
I want to know what your company intends to do about this situation. I have been given wrong information been inconvenienced and have sacrificed a valuable days leave with nothing to show for it except frustration dissatisfaction and no sign of the item purchased from you
I await a response, preferably from a manager, outlining what is going to be done about this sorry state of affairs

Because They Said-Note the excellent grammar:
I am have just been on the phone with DHL and they have confirmed it is again out for delivery today to *** ***, I have given them your contact number, should they have problems.  
Firstly i would like to sincerely apologise for the delay, the delay is with *** I have spent some on the phone to them trying to resolve this issue. They say the that the change of address takes 48 hours to resolve before they release the parcel for delivery to the new address.

I will be in contact with you as soon as i receive confirmation of the change has been sent me. 

If you have any more quires regarding your order with us please don't hesitate to contact us via email, or the phone number below. 
Before That I Said:

On the 31st Dec your representative ****** informed me that the order was ready to go out, therefore I ensured I was at home to accept delivery
Having been firstly informed that *** had attempted a delivery, with no evidence at my home to suggest this-conveniently being unable to tell me the exact date of this alleged attempt- I then contacted you to give an alternative delivery address that had a receptionist present all day. The order failed to arrive. I called ***and quoted the tracking code; this did not exist on their system.
I then had top call the *********'s customer service number at which point I was told that the item could not be delivered to an alternative address. This was in direct contradiction to the email from you . It transpires that the item can only be delivered to the original address. When i suggested Saturday I was told that this was not possible even If i paid an additional £9.99. Therefore I have requested delivery tomorrow.
What is totally and utterly unacceptable is that no specific time of delivery can be given. In fact no vague window of opportunity either. The delivery time? 8.00am-9.00pm. So I have to firstly take a day off work and secondly sit and wait for what could be 13 hours.
Obviously if i were amongst the ranks of the unemployed this would not be an issue but I happen to work for a living. I have given your staff member a contact number should i be in a part of the house, god forbid, where I can't hear the doorbell, a rest room trip for example. Therefore having been assured that the delivery will take place tomorrow, I hesitate to think what might happen should the item fail to arrive

As you may be able to glean, I am extremely unhappy about this situation and await a response from you

Because they had said, after I had waited for four weeks:

The outstanding item from this order is now in stock, and ready to be dispatched

There are many things that bring me out in a raging fury. Waiting for deliveries is right up there but waiting for a delivery, for SIX Weeks knowing that Dire Handling Limited are the carriers. That just pushes my anger button to 11!

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