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Before we carry on with the DJing career, it’s worth noting that during the day I have been reminiscing about there was also a great live music scene. My friends and I went on marathons of going to gigs; every night of the week sometimes. We were lucky enough to see the early days of some great bands and be present at some iconic concerts as well as some strange performances by strange performers.

Some of the gigs I can remember were Talking Heads and U2 at Hammersmith Palais, Joy Division at The Moonlight Club/ Railway Tavern, The Clash at Victoria Park, The Special AKA, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Gang of Four, the B52s, The Stranglers at Battersea, The Pop Group, Manicured Noise, The Jam, UB40 (the early good version) Black Uhuru, Spandau Ballet, Bauhaus, Adam and the Ants at Mallet Street, Killing Joke, Generation X, Wire, Public Image at Futurama in Leeds, New Muzik, the Q-Tips (with lead singer a certain Paul Young) The Associates, Simple Minds at the Lyceum, Haircut 100, The original Human League New Order and A Certain Ratio at Heaven and Simple Minds among others. We went to The Marquee, The Greyhound Croydon, The Rainbow, The100 Club, The Hope and Anchor, The Royalty, Universities and Colleges and even Churches to see bands.
With this combination of clubs and gigs came a real immersion in music and it meant our ears where very much open to all manner of music. I’m convinced that this diversity was crucial to the ability to know what music worked on the dance floors and in the clubs, it also gave a sound and identity to our name.
funk and Soul were what we played and loved but our live band education gave our choices a different dimension.
Having a slightly harder edge to the records we played identified the Gym as a somewhat different Club night and this ultimately made our success.


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