Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Two record covers that capture a moment. Designed by Graham Smith, these records where 12" vinyl aimed at clubs, from a white English band. They coincided with the 'club' culture going mainstream; Particularly Chant Number 1 which was a huge hit in the USA. 
Paint me down's accompanying video is quite embarrassing, however, it includes a news reel style potted history of how the clubbing scene grew outside of it's confines. Chant Number 1's video  showed a mini Soho nightlife.
The scene in London was always best as a smaller, more intimate experience and now we all knew it was going to change.
After the success of Chant pop and club collided and it was almost the beginning of the end in some ways.
These two sleeves just remind me of a significant moment for me and the social world i was involved in as a younger man, and I guess mean little else to others. 

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