Tuesday, 14 December 2010

MY HIT LIST # 46 Timberlands

Trends come and go, but I’ve been wearing Timberlands for over 20 years
To be specific the Men’s 6” Premium waterproof boot.
In fact among the pairs of them I own, I have battered old pair that are a size 11uk when I now take a size 12.5uk; they still fit.
Thing about Timberlands is that they feel solid, they feel tough and they feel, well, reliable. When you wear them you know that your feet won’t get cold or wet and you know that dirt and scuffs (and beer splashes) only make them look tougher.
Time was I would get them from the USA for a fraction of the cost and in a variety of options. They made a big dent in the luggage though but were always worth it for the feel on ones feet and the admiration of friends.
Timberlands are a bit like Hovis; as good for you today as they’ve always been.
great Timberland commercial-muddy waters

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