Monday, 6 December 2010

MURDER ONE season one

Broadcast in 1995 Murder One was a legal series created by Steven Bochco of Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue fame. It upped the ante on legal series LA Law by covering one case over the 23 part season. Daniel Benzali plated defense attorney Teddy Hoffman the head of a legal firm with a set of younger lawyers under his wing. Stanley Tucci played Richard Cross, a charming but morally ambiguous philanthropist who to an extent was Teddy’s nemesis. Unusually for the time season one focused on Hoffman’s defence of actor Neil Avedon who is accused of murder of a fifteen year old girl. During the first part of the season, Hoffman's associates also handled smaller cases which were usually wrapped up in an episode or two. While there were many plot twists and misdirection, fundamentally the entire season consisted of one defense case for Hoffman & Associates. Richard Cross had his finger in a number of pies and is a Machiavellian presence.

Benzali’s presence is excellent as the lead character, unfortunately he was replaced for season two along with other cast members and therefore has little of the quality of season one.
Glossy yes but Murder One had the nerve to tell one story over 23 weeks, something we have become accustomed to since. Murder One was must see when it was broadcast on Sky in 1996 and was one of the shows that paved the way for quality American Drama TV series that told one story novel style. Drama depth and hard boiled dialogue; Murder one was a great show.

Theodore Hoffman: Cross said he'd waive any conflict. He wants me to represent Avedon.

David Blalock: Complicated man.
Theodore Hoffman: Davey, if I was making book I make it three to one Avedon didn't kill that girl.
David Blalock: Well, if he was guilty you wouldn't think he'd have told Polson he was at the girl's apartment just to get out from under a drug bust.
Theodore Hoffman: If Cross did it, why does he want me on the case?
David Blalock: 'Cause he likes playing with fire and you're the hottest guy in town...
Theodore Hoffman: If he didn't do it then it makes more sense. Take a ride with me to Parker Center. We're going to represent this kid.

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  1. I was glued tonthis when it was on - terrific series. By the way, did you really mean to write "..Benzali plated defence attorney Teddy Hoffman" or was it a Freudian slip? Keep up the good work.


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