Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Band played on

There have been quite a lot of fictional Rock Bands. Fictional Soul Bands generally tend to be made up of musicians not actors and are vastly superior in the fictional world. Here are some fictional bands; Some good, some bad and some down right diabolical. The fact that a number of them contain real musicians and members of genuine bands does not necessarily make them any good.
The Stray Cats-David Essex, Paul Nicholas, Karl Howman, Dave Edmunds, and Keith Moon
Auditioning the drummer
Drimble Wedge and the Vegetations-Peter Cook
This is where Portishead must get it from
Flame-Noddy Holder, Dave Hill, Don Powell, Jim Lea
good song decent movie
Ellen Aim and the Attackers-Dianne Lane,Stuart Kimball, Angelo Petraglia , John Ryder,Billy Beard
bombast in true 80s style
The Banned-Simon Henderson, Letitia Dean, Gareth Porter,Paul Medford, Nick Berry
electro pap from crap Tv show
The Sleez Sisters-Robin Johnson, Trini Alverado

Leather Tuscadero and the Suedes-Suzi Quatro et al

Max Rebo Band-Droopy McCool, Max Rebo, Sy Snootles

The Originals-Michael McKean, Christopher Guest,Harry Shearer

Murph and the Magic tones-Steve "The Colonel" Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn Murphy Dunne,Willie "Too Big" Hall, Tom "Bones" Malone
don't you go changing

The Carrie Nations-Dolly Read,Cynthia Myers, Marcia McBroom
hysteria in the valley

The Rutles-Neil Innes, Eric Idle, Rikki Fataar, John Halsey et al
And last and by all means least from the truly excruciating movie –Hearts Of Fire

Billy Parker-Bob Dylan. Molly McGuire-Fiona.James Colt-Rupert Everett

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  1. I'd just like to mention Eddie and the Hotrods before they became real and Blackie Buck and the Roarers from SONGWRITER.


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