Saturday, 6 November 2010

WELL THEY SAID THAT-Brian Potter & Jerry St Clair

Brian Potter: What's the matter with you, man? Jerry St Clair: What's the matter with me? I'll tell you what's the matter with me. Me first week as licensee, I'm stood here looking like a gay Satan cos somebody sold all me clothes on t'jumble. I've been rolled round t'car park all day dressed as a hernia and I've got 12 people in casualty with rubber burns.
Brian Potter: Rubber Burns? Weren't he a Scottish poet?

Brian Potter: Jerry, What's that on your arm? Jerry St Clair: It's a copper bracelet, it aids fitness & mobility
Brian Potter: Does it? I'd better get 2 for my legs

Brian Potter: [finding the dead body of the Captain] Put him in the Pennine Suite. Jerry St Clair: Why? Brian Potter: Why? Because in here's murder. Next door's natural causes

Some of the amazing acts that appeared at the Phoenix:
clinton baptiste
half a shilling
stars in their eyes 1
stars in their eyes 2

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