Tuesday, 30 November 2010

We Are Marshall

On the subject of sports movie, why not consider We Are Marshall?
It’s directed by McG. It stars Matthew McConaughy. Those two statements alone would make any movie goer avoid this film like the plague. But We are Marshall is a film that like it’s story overcomes the odds.

It’s a fantastic example of the great American Sports movie.

In 1970 seventy five staff and team members of Marshall College football team were killed in an air crash. This left the community of Huntington devastated. This film looks at the rebuilding and healing process and it is very much the under dog story, as Marshall had to draft in athletes from other sports and freshman players in order to assemble a team.

The game between the, phoenix from the ashes, Marshall and Xavier is a heart stopping piece of cinema and pulls on every emotion with glee.

This film sums up everything that I love about sports movies; based on a true story, under dogs against the odds, emotional string pulling and an underlying desire for the team to win.

We are Marshall is marvellous entertainment.

Six years prior to this film, in 2000, a documentary about the Marshal story was produced; Marshall University: ashes to glory and is an interesting piece of movie making in its own right.


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