Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Ah the eighties the heady days of coloured vinyl, but there was another far more sinister trend back then: Shaped Vinyl.
Yes Records in strange shapes spinning on the turntables of the eighties. Some of the actual records are quite good or half decent but the majority of shaped vinyl offerings were truly awful records by awful bands with awful names making awful music. Major acts like Elton John, Tina Turner,Queen, Kate Bush and Pete Townshend issued these monstrosities also. My favourite is John Cooper Clarkes offering summing up ludicrous trends both in design and song, a double A produced by Martin Hannet.
John Cooper Clarke
Gimmix / I married a monster from outer space
Orange Triangle shaped vinyl
i married a monster from outer space
Mike Post
Hill Street Blues Theme
Cop car shaped vinyl
Word Up
Cameo totem pole shaped vinyl
The police
Don’t stand so close to me
Badge shaped vinyl
Fat Larry’s Band
Stubborn kind of fellah
Fat Larry shaped vinyl

Donna Summer
This time I know its for real
Heart shaped vinyl
Men without hats
Safety dance
Dancing couple shaped vinyl
Guns for hire
AC DC logo shaped vinyl
Stray Cats
Sexy and seventeen
Unflattering rendering of band shaped vinyl
Samantha Fox
I wanna have some fun
Sam Fox busting a pose shaped vinyl
Bad Manners
That’ll do nicely
Buster Bloodvessel’s head shaped vinyl
Tastless Nazi dominatrix shaped vinyl
The Pogues
Sally Maclennane
Woman in a wheel barrow being pushed by a bloke shaped vinyl
Choo Choo train shaped vinyl
ZZ Top
Sleeping bag
Pharoah in shades shaped vinyl

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