Friday, 19 November 2010

Royal with cheese

Isn't it wonderful? the news i mean, about William and Kate. The pomp and circumstance. The flags and cups of tea, the hurrahs and bravos.
I for one am fully behind the pair of them. Bless them and all who sail in them. I think its literally a fairytale story.
I wholeheartedly wish them the very best and look forward to a day off work to celebrate in the manner of the loyal subject I am. Yes a day off work to fully show my respect. what other country would let it's citizens have a day off to ce3lebrate, as one, the wedding of our heir to the throne?
Smashing what do you mean we are not getting a day off?! We are getting a day off aren't we? Please tell me we are getting a day off for Christ's sake! I mean, we're paying for the honeymoon and the cake after all!
wedding daze
wedding daze original version

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