Thursday, 11 November 2010

I can't get no sleep

It’s alarming that an alarm can go off (I never understood the term alarm going off. Surely it’s going on when it starts making a noise) and nobody, and I do mean nobody is bothered enough to take any action. This weekend an alarm in a local government building went off at 1am and repeated itself until 4pm. Now I’m not talking about a slight ringing I’m talking full on Thunderbirds to the rescue industrial emergency type racket.

Had there been an actual break in the robbers would have had time to order in Pizza and watch  Match of the Day’s early morning repeat, the Eastenders and Coronation Street omnibus and throw in a bit of Antiques Roadshow without interruption.

It’s not the first time either that this cacophony has been going on yet the proprietors seem oblivious as they are clearly not around at the weekend and as a result couldn’t care less. That sums it up I think. The police showed little interest, just the advice that I should find out who the security contractors are and call them when the alarm jolts me out of my sleep during the early hours. Fine advice indeed from the local constabulary.

I guess the only way that the staff, who are employed in this building and paid be me (a humble taxpayer) will be remotely interested, is if there is an actual break in and their personal effects are taken or worse still defecated on by the hard of thinking types that break into other people’s property.

Maybe then a good nights sleep can be had by all and I won't have to resort to match sticks under the eyelids like Tom here...
tom & jerry sleeepy time tom

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