Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Coppers Channel 4

Danny 'Mac' on Coppers
“Let’s be perfectly honest – the good ones we don’t catch, do we? If you are seriously a good criminal you’re not gonna get caught. These people are hopeless.”- Sergeant O’Conner. Coppers on Channel 4
Here’s the synopsis:
The Medway custody suite in Gillingham, Kent is one of the busiest in the country. The first programme in the series joins its staff, who process 40 suspected criminals every day.
From burglary to shop-lifting and assault to drugs possession, Custody Officer Sergeant Sean O'Conner and his team have seen generations progress through their criminal careers and witness a never-ending cycle of deprivation, drugs, crime, violence, and - for some of the women they meet - prostitution.
With frustration, resignation and sometimes anger - as well as flashes of frequently dark humour - ordinary police officers offer a raw insight into the harsh realities of policing modern Britain.
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If ever you need a reminder of the absolute failings of ‘the system’ watch episode one of Coppers. Specifically a character by the name of Danny Mac; his highlight (if that’s the right word) a poem written whilst at her majesty’s pleasure. A bullet to the cranium would be the requisite response to this individual who brings nothing to the human race whatsoever.
Episode one is set in a custody suite where hot meals include all-day breakfast, beans and wedges, beef and dumplings, chicken vegetable madras, chicken casserole or "one of our luscious lasagnas". Seeing is believing
Coppers Episode 1

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