Saturday, 27 November 2010

the big cheese situation

What gets me is that everyone is on Jerry’s side, I mean, let’s face it he’s tantamount to a squatter. He spends his time being a pest and generally making a nuisance of himself. And he’s a thief!
What’s more he attracts other ne’er- do- wells to tip up and share his (rent free) digs. If there’s a stray duckling or a puppy or even a long lost cousin or a young seal Jerry puts them up, and it’s not even his house. What an absolute cheek!

And he's a rodent racist:

I’m on Tom’s side. He always has to justify his position in the household and get’s lumbered with trying to sort out the squatter. His mates take the piss out of him and the neighbour Butch, for some strange reason takes the side of the uninvited guest. So much for neighbourhood unity.

The thieving little free loader needs to be chucked out on his little grey arse and I for one would love to see Tom rid of this pint sized ponce.

One day Tom, one day.

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