Sunday, 14 November 2010

Beware Swedes bearing guitars

Every young (er) person has made noise at night. High jinx, banter, drinking and general partying. Last night the sound of guitar and balladeering filled the night air. It emanated from my new neighbours; a couple of young Swedish girls who obviously had a musical admirer. Only problem is that it was 2.00am and they were sitting on next doors garden wall.
The thought process of anyone who thinks that it’s acceptable to do this is, at best, misguided and at worst demented.
My first instinct was to go and smash the guitar to smithereens. However this would have entailed getting out of bed finding some clothes, shoes, using some mouth wash so as not to come across as a stinker, go down 4 flights of stairs find a jacket (it was cold) unlock the front door and go and do the deed, come back lock up get undressed go back to bed and lie awake waiting for the police to arrive.
Needless to say it let it go THIS TIME.
Woe betide another love struck Swede who chances his arm, in the early hours with the girls at number 3
this is what could happen

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