Sunday, 28 November 2010


So Avatar is released in a new extended format just in time for Christmas. God help the secret Santa who thinks it’s a good idea to get me a copy.

Even more blue people, even more effects even more misplaced Ecological cant. Avatar is possibly the most hyped movie in the history of cinema. There have been worse films, there have been duller films there have even been more patronising films, but never has there been a more over rated film.

It took ages to make and takes ages to watch, it’s indulgent and dull above all else beneath the self styled amazing effects, it has no heart or soul. This is inexcusable. It tarnishes James Cameron’s idealistic vision of environmentalism. Fern Gully the last rainforest, a children animation covers similar territory with more depth, John Boorman’s The Emerald Forest shows more intelligence and even Return of the Jedi get’s the message across with more passion.

This is an example of a creative person taking himself too seriously. With limited resources Cameron made The Terminator, Aliens was an excellent follow up to a classic and T2 was an action movie par excellence. Even true Lies had a sense of fun. Then pretension began to set in with The Abyss. Titanic was a fair attempt at a modern day Gone with the Wind, and then came the fuss over Avatar.

My issue isn’t so much with the technology, it’s that it comes at a cost; lack of emotion. The over riding feeling you have for the characters is indifference; who cares? A parable of corporate greed or military intervention? seen it all before
The problem is that it made a lot of money and we all know what Hollywood does when they hear the Ker-ching of cash registers; they release more of the same. It’s hard enough getting decent movies with actors, scripts and stories of quality made, as it is. Now we face a future of more CGI more product placement and more bombast.

For this Avatar will have reaped a terrible legacy

"That's the future, more flash less soul"

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