Wednesday, 27 October 2010

NASTY NAZI DOUBLE BILL # 1 - 5 para el infierno (Five for Hell)

Before there was Inglourious Basterds there was Five For Hell, a film I saw on a double bill with Zulu at The Finsbury Park Astoria (later to be known as The Rainbow music venue).

The star of Basterds is clearly Christopher Waltz as Nazi Col. Hans Landa. His predecessor though would have to be Klaus Kinski as Nazi SS Col. Hans Mueller in Five for Hell. Kinski can always be counted on for his quirkiness and reptiliuan charm and therefore is perfect as the lounge Nazi Mueller.
The film itself is an Italian production that features the standard ‘men on a mission’ format a la The Dirty Dozen but has some great and strange moments that include an unexplained tap-dancing sequence, a lengthy Rififi style break in and numerous pseudo spaghetti Western flourishes.

A group of oddball soldiers (the five from hell) are sent by the allies to steal the details of Plan K a secret Nazi blueprint. led by a baseball fanatic, an ace safe cracker, an athlete and trampoline star, a big dishevelled lunkhead and a soldier who can read and wears spectacles, thereby identifying him as the intellectual of the group. In true ‘mission’ style not all of them will survive.Colonel Muller is staying in the exact location of the plans and therefore becomes the five’s nemesis.

This is a movie that has wooden acting, poor dubbing, gymnastic soldiers, baseballs, a sex bomb double agent and ludicrously unconvincing action. But you know what? It's a hoot!
trailer trash

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