Sunday, 24 October 2010

MY HIT LIST # 33 Archie Bell and the Drells-Strategy

Juicy horns, succulent strings, a relentless groove marshalled by a killer bass line. A build up that keeps rolling along. Archie’s yearning, and improvisation and the Drells’ sweet backing vocals. All these components come together to make Strategy a masterpiece of dance floor dynamics.

Sampled to great effect by faithless on their tribute record Muhammad Ali, this Gamble and Huff Philadelphia record is a standout in a catalogue of great Philly recordings.This tune also featured the Instant Funk Rythm section
Main man Archie Bell was supported by The Drells who were — at varying times — Archie's brother Lee Bell, James Wise, Joe Cross, Billy Butler, Lucious Larkins and Willie Pernell. The act had a number of fine records and features on many a compilation album. Seek out the extended version for the full experience

For me Strategy is a phenomenal tune that grows and grows because it just doesn’t stop.
muhammad ali
dubious fusion

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  1. You know. This funk is the north on the compass pointing to the good groove. I recently tracked down this little treasure. The album isn't great overall but Strategy .....oww. You is dead if it don't move you feet.

  2. So sweet. ABD moved away from the dance craze tracks and just got the funk down and groovy. I had forgotten this until hearing it on a Jazzy B compilation cd. I tracked it down and finally own it on vinyl. The rest of the album doesn't offer up anything with a relentless groove like 'Strategy' but I should have realised that albums from this period rarely do.


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