Monday, 18 October 2010

MY HIT LIST #28 Routemaster bus

The AEC Routemaster is a model of double-decker buses that was built by Associated Equipment Company (AEC) in 1954 (in production from 1958) and produced until 1968.Primarily front-engined, rear open platform buses, a small number of variants were produced with doors and/or front entrances. Introduced by London Transport in 1956, the Routemaster saw continuous service in London until 2005, and currently remains on two heritage routes in central London.
Get on board
Easily the best way to get around London. The open platform made for jumping on. The metal work inside, the wind down windows and the communication cord. The Dalek like bulbs, the thrum and chug of the diesel engine. The ticket reeled off by the conductor. The front seat peeking into the drivers cab. The back seat upstairs cozy and snug. The all seeing front seats upstairs. The sound of the ding ding and 'Fares please '. Daredevils jumping over them on motorbikes and tourists seeing the sight on opened top ones. Incomparable; The Double Decker.

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