Thursday, 7 October 2010

MY HIT LIST #21 Cohiba Robusto

Full flavoured - 4 1/2" length x 50 ring gauge. The Cohiba Robusto is a true superstar of the cigar world. Cuban cigars? there's nothing like 'em, and for me the Cohiba Robusto is the Don.

The name cohíba derives from the Taíno word for "tobacco." The Cuban brand is filled with tobacco which, unique to Cohiba, has undergone an extra fermentation process; as such, it is a type as well as a brand. Robusto refers to the ring gauge.

Cohíba was originally a private brand supplied exclusively to Fidel Castro and high-level officials in the Communist Party of Cuba and Cuban government. Often given as diplomatic gifts, the Cohíba brand gradually developed a "cult" status. It was released commercially for sale to the public in 1982.

It's the perfect lah dee da!

other brands have their uses
never underestimate the power of a Cuban cigar

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