Monday, 4 October 2010

MY HIT LIST # 20 Robert DeNiro

No other actor has been in as many truly classic movies as DeNiro
Mean Streets
Godfather II
Taxi Driver
The Deer Hunter
Raging Bull
Once upon a time in America

Those are the marquee films in his career but these are also great, under rated movies
New York, New York
The King of comedy
The Mission
The Untouchables
Midnight Run
Angel Heart
Cape Fear
Cop Land
Jackie Brown
Even his so called ‘lesser’ movies are better than most actors great films
The Last Tycoon
True confessions
Falling in love
Stanley & Iris
Guilty by suspicion
A Bronx tale
Mad Dog and Glory
This boy’s life
Wag the Dog
Men of Honor
Meet the Parents
The Score
City by the Sea
The Good Shepherd

So many great moments; Russian roulette in Deer Hunter, McCauley’s decision in Heat, “You talking to me”, Jimmy’s plans for Maury in Goodfellas, Rupert Pupkin gatecrashes Jerry’s house in King of Comedy, The banter in Midnight run with Charles Grodin, retribution in GII, wise guy Jimmy Doyle, explaining fire in Backdraft, peeling an egg in Angel heart, Johhny Boy in Mean Streets, Lamotta flips in Raging Bull, Noodles’ intensity, Capone opens the Untouchables, The Priest gives an alibi in Sleepers the list goes on and on.

deniro auditions for godfather

mean streets johnny boy chances his arm

angel heart devil



raging bull

deer hunter Russian roulette

goodfellas sunshine of your love

king of comedy meeting with jerry

midnight run these things go down

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