Thursday, 21 October 2010

Death by a thousand cuts

As thousands of working men and women face the very real prospect of losing their jobs it’s time to look at some context. No one has a job for life; that’s a foolhardy expectation, but when one looks at those claiming benefit that are clearly playing the system, a feeling of injustice is a natural reaction. I can’t vouch for other parts of the country from first hand experience but I know that in London anyone, who is physically able to do so, can get a job. That’s a fact.

I recognise that parts of the north where industry has suffered over the years jobs are hard to come by. But in London? No way!

The cuts being imposed from today’s announcements will effect local government, which is viewed as a haven for the under talented. That may be the case in certain areas but, and here’s the thing of it; there are a lot of people working in local government who are actively vocational about helping others. Helping other human beings from the very young to the very olds. That’s another fact.

There is an argument that says you make your choice you take your chance, which is partly true but not choosing to make six figure salaries in the city in order to make a difference is now going to be actually penalised.

The word cut is emotive. What it actually means is throwing people out of their jobs. Getting rid of people that actually give a shit about others. At the same time those who choose to leech off the system will be unaffected. Given that they don't want to improve their lot they won't miss those people who's job it is to care. The people who want help and actually need support in sorting themselves out will  miss out though.

We may end up with less people who care and even more people who couldn’t care less.
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