Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Banned Books

We’ve just had Banned Books Wee. An interesting concept that, it’s where the state takes over rational thought; it’s one remove from burning books and that can never be allowed to happen. What’s strange is that a list of banned books includes a number of innocent children’s books and classic novels. Here are some of them. The reasons for the bans are not made up. They are real reasons!
Black Beauty- Anna Sewell
Banned by the South African apartheid Government as it was seen as an allegory of Black rights

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll
Banned in China due to animals and humans conversing

The Wonderful wizard of Oz-LF Baum
Said to be promoting Communism
The Diary of a young girl-Anne Frank
Challenged for being sexually offensive
Charlie and the Chocolate factory-Roald Dahl
Said to promote slavery as an acceptable form of industrialisation

The Lorax – Dr Seuss
Viewed as a fable about the excesses of industrialisation the US logging industry banned it.
To Kill a Mockingbird-Harper Lee
One of the most powerful books about the injustice of racism, the use of derogatory racial slurs meant that this book was banned on the grounds of being racist!

As they say 'you couldn't make it up'
If you are going to ban books why haven't these books been banned i ask?
Paradise-Katie Price
Swan-Naomi Campbell
Welcome to my world-Coleen Rooney
Or is that just me?-Richard Hammond
My world-Peter Andre
Misadventures of a big mouth Brit-Piers Morgan
You couldn't make it up-Jeremy Kyle

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