Wednesday, 13 October 2010

All hail the Dweeb!

We’ve had the New Man in the eighties and The New Lad in the nineties followed by a bit of a pause. Now we have the New Geek!

It seems that the man about town, or should that be young man about town, is now typified by a satchel slung over the shoulder, large thick framed glasses, plimsolls, a bow tie and a cardigan. While the media created New man of the eighties was a caring antidote for the supposed ‘buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell’ city boy, the New Lad was meant to be a return to manliness, or rather the middle classes take on manliness. The newest aspirational assemblage is the New Geek© (I think I’ll copyright that before someone half inches it).

Of course it’s all about making an income out the masses and an addiction for reinvention, and like most trends or archetypes; we’ve seen it all before.
Now it is being declaimed that looking like the Nutty professor is a path to picking up girls. The weed is the new hunk. The Wally is the new wide boy. The Dweeb is the new Adonis.

Could it be that in the marketers haste they have unwittingly given hope to every wimp? Has the time finally come where the Geek inherit the earth? Probably not, as they will be too shy to sign the deeds.

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