Thursday, 16 September 2010

Woodys VHS 3

Back in the days of video I was able to get three films on one tape, Woody Allen movies are generally 90 minutes long (albeit that Play it again Sam is directed by Herbert Ross) therefore I used to refer to my 'Woody' tape regularly. It featured Bananas, Love & Death and Play it again Sam.
All three have that blend of visual and verbal humour along with deeper issues such as love, the meaning of life and political assassination.
I like Woody Allen movies from different periods and am not one of those fans stuck in 'the early funny ones' mindset.
Whenever I see a clip from any of these three movies I remember many an evening when I needed cheering up when I slipped the tape in the VHS player , sat back and felt better almost immediately.


love and death

play it again sam

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